«A very special best friend to a very special family..»

We are a small home breeder of Goldendoodle. We focus on well balanced and healthy dogs. 

About us

Welcome to Goldendoodle of Norway!

Goldendoodle of Norway is a small home breeder, located in a rural setting on the coast of Mosterøy (Rogaland). We are a member of Goldendoodle Assosiation (GANA), and follows their ethical guidlines and breeding program of Goldendoodles. We send our health tests to get analysed by laboratories approved by GANA. These laboratories are Ofa and Embark. Further the results are being thouroug quality checked by GANA. Only safe, well balanced and healthy dogs are approved for breeding.
All of our breeding dogs and puppies are registry and pedigreed into GANA. We are assigned as Gold breeder, wich is a quality brand for our breed and breeding dogs. 
We focus on good animal welfare, therefor our breeding dogs do not start to have litters or used as a stud until they have turned two years old. Females do not mate at each maturity, and has a maximum of 2-3 litters (after the female is retired). 
Further we test our dogs temper through Siddi's Dog School.

All of our breeding dogs lives primarily as familymembers at host families (mostly on the west coast). We ensure that they get to live good and happy lives as a fully family member, and get to develop into safe, well balanced and happy dogs.

Host family

We need a host family for Ulva. 
Are you interrested to be a host family for Ulva? Contacted us for a nice chat, or send in application through our website.
 Please read our guidlines for beeing a host family for Goldendoodle of Norway.

 Regards Silje


Goldendoodle have its origin from the 1990’s, and comes in different generations, sizes, coats and colors.

Goldendoodle is an extremely social, outgoing, active and non-aggressive dog, who enjoys being close to his family and owner. They have a great desire to please and learn, and are very willing to learn. Each breed that Goldendoodle is crossed by (Golden Retriever and Poodle), scores among the top 4 of the 150 smartest dogs


Goldendoodle is a dog ​​full of life with a wonderful body language. It is an intelligent and active dog, who likes to work, and are a quick learner both good and "bad". Goldendoodle needs some mental stimulation to thrive, so giving it a brain teaser is a good option to make the dog happy. Not least, it will be a fun activity for both of you to do together, and the dog will be more satisfied and tired after using his head, than running at full speed. Other activities that can appeal to the Goldendoodlen are: different types of trips, environmental training, socialization training, walking tracks, «nose at work», agility, rally obedience and so on.

If the Goldendoodle is not being stimulated enough, it can quickly get bored and then find activities of its own. You will quickly notice if you are not usually good at activating the dog. It can then invent activities that are not always as enjoyable for the «mother / father» (especially when it is young). A good activity to train Goldendoodle that can be energetic, is to train environmental training, train calm, contact and mental training. It will then use its head, and dog use more energy than if it were allowed to run wild on a field or in the mountains. Goldendoodle has a nice "on and off button", they like to participate in activities, but can also be a life enjoyer and relax on the couch with you.

This type of breed rquires that you spend time with it and train with it, if you don’t have the time it rquires this breed  will probably not be right for you,
I recommend that you may want to become a member of a working dog club, where you can use the dog at its best. Various dog clubs also have the course that one can train to become a service / therapy dog. This is a type of training that will fit Goldendoodle very well.

The Goldendoodlen is a very social dog, and likes to be part of the family. It prefers to be with its owner at all times, and do not thrive if it is not allowed to be included. When you get a Goldendoodle, it's like having a child again, who want to be with you at all times. It's like a shadow, so do not be surprised if the dog is on the other side of the door when you are in the bathroom. If you are looking for an independent dog, who wants some time for himself, Goldendoodle is not for you.

Goldendoodle requires a lot of fur care, and since the dog has fur that grows, it needs to be cut regularly. Paws, around the eyes and ears need to be cut more often than the main cuts. In addition to hair cuts, the fur also requires that it be comb regularly. It is important to think through in advance if you want this type of fur care on regular basis. If you are looking for an easy-care dog, the Goldendoodle breed is not for you.

Goldendoodle is NOT an allergy free dog (allergy free dogs do not exist). It has allergens, like other types of dogs. However it may differs from other dogs, by that it meens Goldendoodle can be better tolerated by people with dog allergies. This will be individual and one can get a allergic reaction to a Goldendoodle. 

The Goldendoodle is a dog that is vert fond of people, specially its family. We have very good experience with ours with children, other types of animals or humans. However, it is important not to leave children alone with the dog in the beginning. It is important that one tries to make situations with children as positive as possible for the dog and the child, so that the dog gets a good experience and association with children and other people. Young children are often curious and will touch the dog anywhere on the body or tear it in the fur. It is very important that you as adult take responsibility and teach your child how to handle the dog. You are an important guide for your child on how to behave towards animals. This is important so that the child and the dog can have a good relationship together..

To get a safe and well balanced dog that uses "its language" in all situations, it is important with good environmental- and socialization training. It forms the basis for how the dog will handle situations in the future. If you know that the dog should interact with children and other types of people, it is important that you start from day one with the training. Touch the puppy all over the body so that it gets used to being touched everywhere on the body. Use a treat as a reward in all training situations, so that the puppy associates most situations with something positive. Even scary situations can be good, as long as it has a confident owner who reads the puppy well and gives rewards. For example. If you meet a person with a strange hat / lots of beard, strange costume or other situations, ask person if he/her can greet the puppy / dog and feel free to give the person a treat so that it can give to the puppy / dog. Most situations will be a training situation for the puppy / dog, and contribute to a good training and help to form a safe and well balanced dog.

Think about your life and how it may be in somewhat 15 years from now; your everyday life and lifestyle. Be realistic about the type of dog that may suit you, your lifestyle and your family. It is important first and foremost to think about the characteristics of choosing a dog, and not appearance. If you are looking for an intelligent, active, super social and a dog that willing to learn, the Goldendoodle as breed is for you. But remember, it requires attention and time from you as the owner to thrive. If you have the opportunity and are suitability for this, Goldendoodle will be the breed for you!


Become a family host to one of our potential beautyful little ones  

When you are a host family for Goldendoodle of Norway, you will have the daily responsibility and cost for the breeding dog. It involves costs for: Food, equipment, care, deworming, vaccines, annual health examinations, veterinary expenses and insurance (everything which involves daily care).
We take the costs associated with breeding: Health tests, puppy births with veterinary expenses, insurance of puppies.

Greetings to our latest addition to the family

MCDoodles LW-Sascha is a young lady, who becomes part of the Goldendoodle of Norway family. We are very excited to get to know this beautiful young girl, and cross our fingers that everything goes well in the future. If all goes well, she will be part of our breeding program. Sascha has got a great host family in Kvinnherad, who is looking forward to getting to know her.


Ofa is a laboratory that’s approved by Goldendoodle Association. Health tests like Xray of hips and elbows, patella and ultraspund of the heart is being analysed by professionals of OFA.
Goldendoodle association only approve reading and analyses done by this laboratory.


EmbarkVet is the laboratory that performs comprehensive health testing of genetic deceases and DNA testing of Goldendoodle. Embark has a collaboration with Goldendoodle Association.


In 2017 Goldendoodle of Norway participated establishing a collaboration between the laboratory Genomia, which is located in Europe, and the Goldendoodle Association. Genomia performs genetic health testing of Goldendoodle.

We look forward to your visit

Goldendoodle of Norway, Haugvaldstadveien 39, 4156 Mosterøy, Norway