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Planned litters

- We will post when we are planning a litter and start to receive puppy applications again -

Puppy from Goldendoodle of Norway

We are a small family breed, which occasional have litters. The puppies grow up in our living room, and thus become well environmentally trained to normal everyday smells and sounds. The puppies are well socialized with other animals, children and adults. We put a lot of work into our puppies, to create the best conditions at the beginning of life. This is e.g. excursions to other environments, visits from the neighborhood's children, potty training, get to know different smells, sounds and objects, greet and get to know our other animals.


All our puppies are devormed, chiped, vaccinated and delivered with health cetific from the vet. 

The parents have gone trough all of the health tests requried to reach Goldendoodle Assosiations breeding standards. This is standard health tests and extended health tests. Further we ensure that our breeding dogs are stable, well balanced and have a soft mental health and have those  characteristics we want to bring to our puppies.

Standard health tests: Exray on hips and elbows, Patella, eye exam og ultrasound of the heart.

Extended health tests of inherited genetic diseases:  Vonwillenbrand (VWD) type 1 og 2, GRPRA1, GRPRA2, prcdpra, Ichtyosis, DM.


We are a member of Goldendoodle Assosiation, and follow their strict ethic guidlines for breeding on Goldendoodle. All of our breeding dogs are registry and pedigreed into Goldendoodle Assosiation.


Before our puppies leave us, they go trough health check at the vet. The health cetific follows in the puppy file «Welcome as a owner of a Goldendoodle».
What does the health warranty involves?  
Should there be a serious health problem that is congenital and / or hereditary genetic disease within the first two years, which can be confirmed by us and the veterinarian, we will refund up to the puppy's purchase price for any medical expenses. Alternatively, you can get a full refund of the purchase price, without returning the dog.


If we see that there is an advantage in relation to our breeding program in Goldendoodle of Norway, we have the right to change the breeding male and / or breeding female. Goldendoodle of Norway always has first choice on puppies in our breeding program.

Nature may take its own course, and sometimes it does not go quite as expected. We try as best we can, and therefore ask for understanding that we can not always guarantee that puppy litter comes according to plan, gender or color. If you are open about gender and color, there is a greater chance that we can deliver a puppy to you.


All puppies are sold with a breeding barrier, except if the puppy is sold as a breeding dog. If you neuter or sterilize the dog within the first year, and can present documentation of this, you will be refunded NOK 2000.


First of all I would say there are no allergy free dogs. Goldendoodle is NOT a breed wich is an allergy-free dog. If you are allergic to dogs, you may be allergic to one or more allergens from the Goldendoodle. Each dog is composed of different type of allergens, and there are large individual differences from dog to dog what levels of allergens they have, and it can vary in one and the same breed, also in the same litter of puppies. If you test yourself against a puppy, this does not mean that you will not be allergic to others in the same breed. This is because all dogs have allergens that one finds in; salivary glands, sebum, urine, dandruff / flakes that are excreted from the skin. Many people think it is the fur one reacts to, but it is unfortunately a myth. Non-shedding or low-shedding dogs, however, appear to have a low proportion of allergens, but there is no warranty if you are allergic to dogs, that you will not be allergic to the breed and that you can live with this dog.

Regular brushing and washing of the dog, on the other hand, can reduce the amount of allergens. Or if you have been out in the spring / summer time when there is a lot of pollen, you can use a damp cloth to wipe over the coat and paws, to remove some of the pollen that settles in the coat.

Reservations/ terms to look after the puppy's best interest;
We recommend that you meet the puppy that you want to get before you can take it home with you. If you have not responded within 24 hours after the test, you can take the puppy with you.

Furthermore, there is no guarantee that you will not react to the dog in the future. The allergy can develop over time, because even if you do not react to the puppy now, allergies can occur in the future. If you are allergic to dogs, we want you to have a bacp-up plan. This means that you have investigated the possibility of a reserve family that can have your dog for short or long periods if your allergy should indicate that there is a need for this. It is important that there is such a plan for your safety as a puppy buyer and for us as breeders, and not least for the dog's part. Then we know that we have a good plan if it should not work, and the puppy is well taken care of so that it does not suffer damage. Goldendoodle of Norway must then approve the back-up family.

Test allergens on the puppy;
If you want to test allergens on a puppy, this will be an additional cost for you as a puppy buyer of NOK ....


If you want a puppy from us, you must fill out an application for a puppy and have it approved by us BEFORE you pay the registration fee. You must NOT pay the registration fee until you have confirmed a place on the waiting list. After you have received a confirmed place from us, a registration fee of NOK 5000 must be paid, to secure a place on the waiting list.

Goldendoodle of Norway will always have the right of the first choose of a puppy for further breeding. This bypasses the waiting list. To ensure the development of this beautiful breed, we depend on being able to choose which ones are used further for breeding.


Everyone who buys a puppy from us must guarantee that none of our Goldendoodle puppies will be rehomed, without us being contacted and given the opportunity to take the puppy back


To get on the reservation list, we ask you to fill out a puppy application.  HERE.
We process the application as quickly as we can, and unfortunately we only have the opportunity to process applications that have what we have set as a minimum. The more comprehensive you answer, the easier it is to try to find the right puppy for you. We use the information you provide to find the Goldendoodle that is best for you and your family.

If you are approved, you will receive an email from us stating information about litters we have planned. If you see that this litter does not meet your expectations, you do NOT pay the registration fee. Upon payment of the registration fee, we enter into a binding agreement. If we have not offered a puppy within 18 months, you will be refunded the registration fee. If you have been offered a puppy according to your specific wishes twice during the 18-month period, and you have refused, you will lose the right to a refund of the fee. That is, if you want to wait for a very special combination, there is an opportunity for this, but it will take a little longer. Our very special puppies can only travel home to very special homes. We reserve the right to terminate the agreement on puppy purchases until the puppy leaves us, if we believe it is in the puppy's best interests. We will then refund the entire registration fee.


Puppy from us costs NOK 28,000 incl. VAT (inclusive value added tax). Registration fee of NOK 5000 is paid upon confirmed approved application. The remaining amount is paid 2 weeks before you come and pick up the puppy. The puppies come with; Puppy package, folder «Welcome as owner of Goldendoodle», book «Everyday obedience from puppy to adult» from Siddi's dog school, finished dewormed, vaccinated, chipped, registered into GANA, health certificate, 2 year health warranty according to Goldendoodle Association's guidelines. The puppies temper is tested at 8 weeks. All puppies are sold as family dogs and are sold with a breeding lock.

All of our Goldendoodle puppies are sold with:

  • Finished dewormed
  • Vaccinated
  • Chip
  • Registered into GANA
  • Breeding information (pedigree)
  • Health checked
  • Health book
  • Health warranty of the first two years 
  • Contract
  • Puppyfile
  • Food that the puppy has grown up with
  • Blanket from the puppy box
  • Book "Everyday obedience from puppy to adult", published by dog ​​instructor Siri Linnerud Riber & Arne Aarestad in Siddi's dog school.


When you are going to receive a puppy, there are some things you should have in the house:

  • Cage
  • Band Harness (recommends harness over collar, as collars can cause neck injuries) 
  • Treats 
  • Bowl for food and water 
  • Brush for fur care and nail scissors 
  • Blanket (recommends vetbed blankets) / bed 
  • Books about dog keeping and training
  • Toys 
  • Tena pee pad


     We reccomend all of our puppy byers to sign up for a puppy course.