The story about Goldendoodle

The original Goldendoodle was a hybrid cross between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. The exact date of the first conception is unknown. A handful of breeders appeared in the late 1990s, marketing this new breed. The idea of ​​the Goldendoodle was undoubtedly inspired by the establishment of the Labradoodle (has its origins from the early 80's), and its success as a compatible dog for some people who experience mild allergies to dogs. Its beautiful fur with low to almost no shedding was appealing to those who loved the temperament of the Golden Retriever, but did not want the amount of hair or allergens it brought. Goldendoodle eventually became a universal hit.

One saw an immediate affection for the standard Goldendoodle (a standard poodle crossed with the Golden Retriever), and as the breed continued to develop, the demand for different sizes became common, and breeders responded. The breed's creators were to look at size variants to accommodate different lifestyles. Goldendoodle is now available in four different categories: petite, mini, medium and standard. They are also available in different fur types, colors and patterns.

Goldendoodle is an extremely social, outgoing, active and non-aggressive dog, who enjoys being close to his family and owner. They have a great desire to please and learn, and are very willing to learn. Each breed that Goldendoodle is crossed by (Golden Retriever and Poodle), scores among the top 4 of the 150 smartest dogs. Goldendoodle are active, incredibly intelligent and eager to learn and satisfy. They like to get stimulated and need some mental stimulation in addition to physical activity. They are also very caring and sociable, and usually get along well with most types of animals (as socialization and environmental training will also be important). Along with the low to almost no shedding and this type of temperament in the dog, the Goldendoodlen has proven to be perfect candidates to work as a service dog and be a family dog.

Hybrid power - that is, the increased health benefits of crossing two completely independent breeds together. This hybrid power gives the Goldendoodlen the health and vitality that makes them live up to either one of their parents' breeds on average. However, it should be emphasized that the general health and vitality increase dramatically when the parents have been genetically tested, for the hereditary diseases that both parents' breeds share.

Along the way, when doodles began to become popular, one sees that there are more breeders who found interest and began to cross different breeds with the Poodle to make money. The concern about this was that some of these breeders failed to ensure the quality of the breeding dogs by testing the dogs' health, which was at the expense of the puppies and their new owners.

Goldendoodle breeders who are members of GANA follow strict rules and ethic guidelines for breeding and development of the breed. All puppies are sold with a breeding lock or neutered / sterilized. In order to purchase a breeding right from GANA, strict ethical rules and guidelines must be accepted. All dogs that are to be used in breeding are health tested and the temper is carefully assessed before breeding on the dog.

Another important demand for conducting breeding through GANA is that all puppy buyers must be thorough considered and that the breeder must take responsibility if a rehoming of the dog becomes necessary later. All puppies are sold with a 2-year health warranty, which means that hereditary diseases that have given symptoms to the dog before the age of 2, can trigger the warranty and the breeder will pay up to the purchase price.

To ensure that you work with a breeder who meets these standards, look for the GANA logo on their website. Each breeder who is an official member of GANA will have a logo made especially for the kennel, where the kennel name will show in the white ring. You can also find a list of member breeders on GANA's website. You will find that breeders who are members of GANA are interested in protecting the integrity of Goldendoodle and are willing to work with other breeders to ensure that the quality of the breed remains a top priority.

The breed

The breed, breed standard, coat og color

The breed

Goldendoodle is a hybrid cross of Golden Retriever and Poodle, and has different generations.

F1 (50% Golden Retriever and 50% Poodle) = First Cross / First Generation Goldendoodle.

F2 (F1 crossed with F1) = Second generation Goldendoodle

F1B (F1 crossed with Poodle) = Second Generation Goldendoodle or Cross-back (75% Poodle and 25% Golden Retriever)

Multigeneration = Crossing of two FB or two parents who are multi-generation Goldendoodler

Breed standard

Goldendoodle Assosiation have now set a breed standard on Goldendoodle.

Take a look at Goldendoodle Assosiation Goldendoodle breed standard below.

Coats and Colors

Goldendoodle is available in several types of coat and colors. To have control over the breeding and wich type of coat the breeding dog has, a special genetic test is used on the breeding dogs.