About us

We are a small family breed, located in a rural setting on the coast on Mosterøy in Rogaland.

Member of Goldendoodle Assosiation

Goldendoodle of Norway was very pleeced that we became an accredited member of the Goldendoodle Association (GANA) in 2017. All our breeding dogs and puppies are registered and pedigree into GANA. We have been awarded the Blue ribbon brand, which is the highest ranking in GANA, and is thus a seal of quality on both, the breeding and our breeding dogs.

We follow GANA's strict ethical guidelines for breeding on Goldendoodle, and ensure the quality of all health testing is being through checked by the organization. Only healthy and well balanced dogs are approved for further breeding. See which health tests: HERE!

To make sure that you work with a breeder who meets these standards, look for the GANA logo on their website. Each breeder who is an official member of GANA will have a logo made especially for the kennel, where the kennel name will show in the white ring. You can also find a list of member breeders on GANA's website. You will find that breeders who are members of GANA are interested in protecting the integrity of Goldendoodle and are willing to work with other breeders to ensure that the quality of the breed remains a top priority.

We have a high focus on good animal welfare!

The female does not start to have litters until she is 2 years old, does not mate at each maturity, has a maximum of 2-3 litters (where it is retired afterwards). Further we test our dogs / puppies temper through Siddis Dog School.

Our dogs live primarily as a family member at family hosts (mainly in the west side of Norway). We then ensure that they get to live good lives as a full family member, and get to develop into well balanced and happy dogs. Family hosts have regular contact with us, so that we can follow up both the family and the breeding dog.

The puppies

We put a lot of work into our puppies, to create a good ground conditions for further development. The puppies grow up in our living room, are well trained in the environment for everyday sounds and smells, and socialize with other animals, children and adults. Before the puppies leave us, we have had them in different environments, performed test on the puppies temper, been treated for worms and been through a health check at the vet where they get; inserted chip, received necessary vaccines and health certificate.

After the puppy leaves us, you as a puppy buyer are always welcome to contact us. We will try to help and guide as best as we can.